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nipple tassels intimate souvenir

The intimate part of modern life plays a major role in people's well-being, social behaviour and self-fulfilment. Intimate souvenirs, erotic products and other goods, of which there is a huge choice nowadays, help to make one's sex life more intense and interesting. Our online shop "Tev.Lv" offers you to buy any product that will make your sex life more varied and give you more pleasure.

Our online intimate goods shop "Tev.Lv" and intimate goods salons "LABI" have a wide assortment of erotic products and therefore, every buyer will find the right product even without the advice of a competent salesperson.

Our catalogue includes the following products of an erotic nature:

  • Accessories - vibrators, massage devices, vaginal and anal balls, sleeves, erection rings, penis and breast enlargement pumps, artificial vaginas, inflatable dolls;s;
  • Intimate souvenirs;
  • Massage oils;
  • Condoms;
  • Lubricants;
  • Arousal products;
  • Pheromones;
  • Perfumes with pheromones;
  • Lingerie,
  • Erotic costumes for role-play;
  • and much more.

Products from the accessories group are particularly in demand: vibrators, erection rings, phallus simulators, various sleeves, as well as product kits. Such products diversify the sex lives of partners and single people alike. These products are intended both for sexual release and for the fulfilment of all erotic fantasies and desires. Our online shop offers a large assortment of such products so that every buyer can find what they need.

Our intimate souvenirs are popular with buyers, bringing variety to our product range. Our catalogues include soaps and other bathroom products, aprons, pendants and other items of a sexual nature. These items have a special design and, by promoting sexual liberation, create a unique atmosphere at home.

A separate section of the "Tev.Lv" catalogue offers pheromones - special products designed to increase sexual fascination and arousal. Such preparations will bring passion back to your relationship and make sexual satisfaction even more vivid. Our online shop for intimate products offers a wide range of pheromones and other captivating products (with different models and variants) at affordable prices.