Prostate stimulators with vibration

The prostate contracts during orgasm to help push seminal fluid out of the penis. Stimulating the prostate can generate that feeling directly, without stimulating the penis at all. Prostate vibrators may help stimulate the prostate more effectively than fingers or other sex toys.

Prostate vibrators can provide satisfying orgasms

It is just a myth that vibrators are meant just for use by women! Prostate vibrators can help men have unbelievable orgasms. They are designed to be used in the anal area and, unlike normal anal vibrators, they are a special shape so that they can stimulate the prostate properly and are not going to get stuck in your rectum!

Passionate lovemaking that is supplemented with prostate vibrator use

The prostate is one of the man’s erogenous zones and can be compared to a woman’s G-spot. The prostate lies between the bladder and rectum: approx. 5 – 7 cm above the anus entrance. Prostate vibrators are made out of silicone (that is phthalate free) and are used anally. Prostate vibrators, unlike the majority of anal vibrators, are in an L-shape so that they can provide intense prostate stimulation. There are all sorts of prostate vibrators with different preset vibration rhythms, vibration force levels, different physical parameters (lengths, diameter and form). These vibrators are more suitable for experts, who want to experience even more pleasure, than for beginners. Beginners should start with silicone butt plugs, prostate dildos or a finger before they use a prostate vibrator, so that they can slowly and gently stretch the anus. It is recommend to use lots of lubricant with a prostate vibrator. Your partner may also have fun pleasuring you with a prostate vibrator. A vibrator can easily be included in foreplay – partner will be able to experience intense anal pleasure and thrilling perineum stimulation.

Anything else I need to know?

Prostate vibrators may not actually be for beginners. You must be careful when inserting a vibrator, so as not to injure yourself. The toy should be cleaned properly before use especially because they are being used in the anal area. It is paramount to regularly use a toy cleaner because it disinfects the toy. Warm water and soap are sufficient for more frequent cleaning.

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Vibrator Anal fantasy (1212) red

Vibrator for prostate massage and stimulation. Specially shaped prostate massager for perfect contact. Made out of silicone.
€23.00 €15.00