Vibrators for the G-spot

Unbelievable moments of pleasure thanks to G-spot vibrators

The G-spot is one of the most common and most tantalizing sex topics for both women and men. The spot is named after doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, who discovered this erogenous zone in 1950. Women can experience exceptionally intense feelings of pleasure while stimulating G-spot zone. Of course there are also G-spot vibrators that are made to gently and tenderly please women by stimulating this specific spot that provides you lustful, sometimes, full body orgasms!

Where can the G-spot be found?

The G-spot is situated approximately 4-5 centimeters away from the vaginal entrance at the vaginal wall. In truth, the G-spot is a zone of 1.5 to 2 centimeters. This zone can be felt with the finger as it feels rougher and slightly harder than the rest of the vaginal wall. Once the woman is aroused the tissue swells and gets very sensitive to touch. How strong this touch is felt varies from woman to woman. The G-spot can also be stimulated by your partner using varying sex positions. As this is not that simple and sometimes you do not have a partner, there are G-spot vibrators to stimulate this specific zone.

Various models of G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators come in various designs. Mostly they are made of silicone or ABS – materials that gently cling to your skin and quickly adapt to your body temperature. The vibrators can either be controlled at the device itself or by using a remote control. G-spot vibrators have an advantage over traditional vibrators as their vibration and form can stimulate the G-spot as well as the clitoris and the vaginal area. Thus, G-spot vibrators are real all-rounders that should not lack in any bedroom. G-spot vibrators may be shaped like a normal vibrator with a bent tip that arouses the G-spot. Double vibrators satisfy your G-spot with their bent tip while the other side is used to directly stimulate your clitoris serving as a lay-on vibrator. Could there be any more stimulation?

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Vibrators Pretty love charles (1057) rozā

Ierīce ar pārdomātu ergonomisku dizainu un īpašu formu. Vibratora izmēri - garums 17 cm, diametrs 2,5 cm. 30 režīmi.

Vibrators Aphrovibe intimate rabbit (0236)

Daudzfunkcionāls želejveida vibrators ar klitora stimulāciju. Desmit vibrācijas varianti.

Vibrators Fusion Rhea (1169) sarkans

Vibrators, kas īpaši piemērots G-punkta stimulēšanai. Ierīcei ir 10 vibrāciju režīmi. Izmēri - garums 18,3 cm, diametrs 3.5 cm. Izgatavots no 100 % silikona.
€49.00 €43.00

Vibrators G-explorer (1149) rozā

Vibrators G-punkta stimulācijai. Ierīces galviņas diametrs ir 3,5-5 cm. Garums 21,5 cm.

Vibrators G-gasm delight (1149) rozā

Vibrators G-punkta stimulācijai. Ierīces galviņas diametrs ir 2 cm.

Vibrators H2O g-spot probe (0117) sarkans

Vibrators, kas īpaši piemērots G-punkta stimulēšanai. Izmēri - garums 23,5 cm, diametrs 3,8 cm.

Vibrators Impulse (0094)

Silikona vibrators ar klitora stimulāciju. Atsevišķi regulējami 10 vibrāciju režīmi. USB kabelis.

Vibrators My secret love (0081)

Stimulātors der gan sievietei, gan vīrietim. Sieviete var kairināt G-punktu un klitoru, vīrietis - prostatu, olas un citus receptorus. Pieci vibrācijas režīmi. Var droši izmantot ūdenī.

Vibrators Pretty love John (0123)

Vibratora garums 14,6 cm, 12 režīmi.

Vibrators Violet (0225)

Vibrators (garums 11 cm un diametrs 3 cm).
€21.50 €14.50

Vibrator Lelo IDA Wave (0320) Black

IDA™ Wave is an app-connected dual vibrator powered by two separate motors created for those who wish to build up their orgasm gradually. The rotating, insertable tail stimulates the G-spot using our patented WaveMotion™ technology that mimics finger-like motion. At the same time, the larger tip brings satisfying vibrations to the clitoris. IDA™ Wave features 4 default pleasure settings, which can be configured up to 10 using the designated LELO app. For a truly hands-free experience, allow your partner to take control of the device.
€179.00 €125.30

Vibrators LELO Mona (0304) Purple

MONA™ 2 is a potent g-spot stimulator with six powerful pleasure settings and an exquisite design featuring curves in all the right places. Simple by the looks of it, yet powerful and intense, MONA™ 2 is ideal for those seeking pure and uncomplicated ways of pleasuring themselves.
€157.00 €109.90