What kind of vibrators are there?


Intimate goods stores in Latvia offer a wide selection of products, including vibrators. Internet forums and specialised websites are full of questions on how to choose the right product.

In order to make sure that you do not make a mistake, you need to know the basic information about these (so useful, enjoyable and relentless) devices or vibrators.

Material from which the appliances are made

In the "Tev.Lv" range you can find vibrators made of different materials. There are ones made of gel, silicone, plastic, rubber, as well as cyber-silicone or cyber-skin. The latter two are the best, as cyber-silicone and cyber-skin mimic human skin beautifully.

The most basic models, on the other hand, are made of plastic and rubber.

Latex, gel and silicone are the best materials for vibrators. They heat up quickly and maintain body temperature. They also tend to be flexible.

Only vibrators with the "Sophisticated Spine Allows Maximum Flexibility" mark may be bent.

Power supply type

The vibrators offered by the "Tev.Lv" intimate goods store can be divided according to the type of power supply. There are products that can be recharged from the mains (with a battery), but there are also devices that run on batteries. Some of the devices can also be used in water (only with the "Waterproof control cap" mark).

Vibrator types

Vibrators can be:

  • double (for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation);
  • three-point vibrators (for clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation);
  • vaginal;
  • anal;
  • for clitoral stimulation;
  • G-spot stimulation;
  • inflatable;
  • vibro eggs and vaginal balls with vibration;
  • vibrators for couples.

An interesting type of device can be the tiny Strap-on vibrator that is attachable to woman's panties, which is very compact and usually comes with a comfortable narrow straps so that you can wear it under your clothes and use it wherever you want.

The latest inventions - the We-Vibe vibrators for couples - bring unprecedented heights of pleasure to both of you.

Vibrator usage rules

When using a vibrator, it is important to know the basic rules for operating such devices:

  • be careful when using the vibrator for the first time, the vibration can be very intense;
  • before and after use, wash the vibrator with warm soapy water or treat with a special disinfectant;
  • be careful when washing and cleaning the vibrator - water entering the electrical block can damage the vibrator and water can react with the batteries;
  • always remove the batteries after using the vibrator and store them separately;
  • a dry and clean vibrator should be stored in a dry place (preferably in its original packaging);
  • the electric motor of the vibrator may become warm during use - allow the vibrator to cool down before storing;
  • lubricants and massage oils on the batteries can damage them.